Get Ready For ZenCash Super Node Beta!

Get Ready For ZenCash Super Node Beta!

The ZenCash Super Node tracking servers will be made public on July 10th.

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Super Nodes may be set up to test and ensure they are working correctly during the ramp up period.  It would be helpful to have as many Super Nodes connected as soon as possible to put a load on the new servers and infrastructure.

During the ramp up period the stake amount will be set at 3 Zen and it will be raised to the correct amount of 500 Zen on July 18th.

The securenodetracker which runs on a node has been updated to work with both Secure and Super Nodes. The new version is 0.3.0 and a release candidate (rc1) is in testing. It has been renamed to ‘nodetracker’. There is no need to update Secure Nodes at this time unless they are being migrated to a Super Node

General information is below. Please follow the links in each section for complete instructions.

If you are setting up a new Super Node

When the Super Node tracking servers are ready on July 10th, a Super Node can be created and tested to ensure it passed challenges.

• Set up the VPS following the requirements which are greater than a Secure Node
• The node must be set up using the new 0.3.x tracker.
• The tracker prompts for the type of node during setup
• Only 3 Zen is needed in the stake address until the 18th.
• The stake address must be different than any stake address used by a secure node.  They will be cross checked.
• A small amount of Zen is needed in the node’s private addresses for challenges
• When the stake is increased to 500 Zen, an Exception will be created and an email sent
• Super Node Installation Guide (Link available soon)


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