ZenCash Trading in Singapore!

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ZenCash (ZEN) was just listed on Singapore exchange and fintech innovator coss.io! Here are some reasons why this is so exciting…

Fiat Gateway

Coss.io operates a payment gateway, which means users can deposit and withdraw a growing set of fiat currencies, including EUR, USD, Singapore Dollar (SGD), Malaysian Ringit, Korean Won, and Romanian Leu, but many other currencies will be added.

Providing trustworthy on and off ramps for fiat <–> cryptocurrency is a really big deal since the world has about $80 trillion in fiat money and only about $150 billion in cryptocurrencies…there’s a lot of money changing that needs to take place in the near future!

We now have a convenient way to buy ZEN with USD, EUR, SGD, and other important currencies.

Merchant Services

Coss.io offers merchants an elegant point-of-sale (PoS) solution where they can accept cryptocurrencies for payment and immediately convert them to their local currency if they prefer.This is extremely important for most merchants for broad adoption. A lot of merchants would be willing to accept any form for payment, but few want exposure to additional exchange rate volatility.

The next step is adding ZEN to this list, so we have the infrastructure to launch a broad merchant adoption campaign.

Cryptocurrency Exchange in Singapore

Singapore is an economic and financial powerhouse where fintech flourishes. Our listing with coss.io exposes ZenCash to this vibrant market and opens the door for partnerships in country, as well as the broader region. We will be looking to grow out a local team soon, and working with coss.io is a great way to make that happen.

Our First Ethereum Market

We want ZEN traded against as broad a set of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and other assets as possible. Not only did coss.io create a ZEN/BTC market, but they also added a ZEN/ETH market…our first!

This is a very exciting listing and start to what we hope will be a great relationship with coss.io. They have an impressive team, are fun to work with, and are innovating in one of the most important world markets. Working together is a big step forward on the ZenCash mission to be the most usable and useful privacy coin!

De oppresso liber,
Rob Viglione of ZenCash


This was originally published in the Zen Newsletter, which you can sign up for at ZenSystem.io.

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