About Crypto Media Hub

What we do and how we do it.

What Is CMH?


Crypto Media Hub is a content creation, marketing, event, advertising,  and PR consultancy for the digital currency world.  

We are dedicated to working with clients to set out clear marketing strategies. Our custom solutions are designed to:

  • save our clients time and money through our established relationships
  • achieve measurable, effective results
  • secure insider rates and the best possible pricing for our clients
  • offer more options for connecting and to think “outside the box”
  • provide clients with information about how to best reach the crypto audience
  • research all options for the marketing budget
  • maximize your ROI on every marketing dollar
  • reduce the stress on your team


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Our established professional relationships with a variety of media outlets and industry partners allow us to create a custom experience that will save you time and money while reaching your target audience.  We can help secure premium message placement at competitive rates including print and online media publications, podcasts, online video programs, industry events, and social media campaigns.  We’ve collaborated with various events worldwide and provide custom marketing plans through our team and partners.


About Tatiana

Crypto Media Hub was founded by Tatiana Moroz in 2015. As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Tatiana began spreading the word in 2012 about cryptocurrencies through music and presentations at various Bitcoin conferences around the world including Bitcoin South in New Zealand, NASDAQ, South By Southwest, the Latin American Bitcoin Conference, Bitcoin in the Beltway, Coins in the Kingdom, the Libertarian National Convention, Inside Bitcoins, and many more.  She created Tatiana Coin, the first-ever cryptocurrency designed to support an artist.

As an active participant in the cryptocurrency community, Tatiana has accumulated relationships and friendships with people from all backgrounds, in the fintech, political, activist, tech, and music worlds.   She noticed many wasted and missed connections.  Many crypto companies do not spend their marketing budgets efficiently and thus have trouble achieving a sound ROI.

The goal of CMH is to solve that by helping businesses make connections and find their markets in the crypto and fintech space.  Contact Tatiana at tatiana@cryptomediahub.com.

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